Handpainted signs

Signs painted by hand are perfect for heritage zone projects or for other traditional applications such as the restoration of historic vehicles, horsedrawn carriages or paddlesteamers. Murals, pinstriping and scrolling, rough surfaces and anything that needs to really last.

Because paint lasts longer than either cut vinyl lettering or digital print, handcrafted signs may also work out to be the most cost effective solution for your sign. That handpainted signs are prohibitively expensive is a myth.

The larger and simpler your sign, the more likely it is to suit being painted by hand. Small signs with intricate designs or photographic images will probably be more cost effective in either vinyl or digital print.

If you're not sure what technique is best for your job, please fill out a quote request form and once I know the scope of the proposed work, i'll be able to advise on the most suitable and cost effective method (or combination of methods)

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